Thursday, 9 May 2013

Social media for small business


Just a short entry I am going to add on. It is about how to maximise your social media tools following my previous post. I just found out from Entrepreneurship Club Edinburgh Business School and hopefully it will be very useful for me in the future and those who are interested using social media tools as a medium in expanding their connections.

Hope this info helps. Cheers!

Top tips & facts


  • Share quotes & memes as these have potential to go viral and are very popular.
  • Offer free downloads if people ‘like’ your page.
  • Offer a ‘fill in the blanks’ question and ask people to comment e.g. “Without ____ I would be lost.”
  • An insight into ‘like-enomics’: 96% of people who ‘like’ your Facebook page will never return.


  • Have a good profile picture of yourself so people can recognise you if they meet you at an event.
  • Have a daily routine for Twitter: check first thing in the morning and reply, then check again at lunchtime and RT or comment to a few people then finally connect with someone new in the evening.
  • Use an app like to schedule your tweets to be more efficient.
  • How to create viral when you tweets: A useful article via


  • There are 9.75 million people on LinkedIn in the UK.
  • There are 165 million people on LinkedIn globally.
  • The peak in traffic on LinkedIn is 2pm on a Friday.
  • Don’t use the default message when connecting with people, write a personal one.
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